BT200-L Series-Powder Suction Lance Mixer
BT200-L Series-Powder Suction Lance Mixer BT200-BT200B Dyna-Stream 20 - 1000 Liter Top/Bottom Entry Industry Homogenizer Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia Fabrication Supplier Supply Manufacturer | Success Technic Industries
BT200-L Series-Powder Suction Lance Mixer
Machine                 Power               Batch size             Induction rate 
BT200-S3               2,2 kW             100 - 250 litres          4 - 5 kg/min
BT200-S10             7,5 kW             800 - 1.500 litres     12 - 16 kg/min
BT200-S25           18,0 kW             2.000 - 3.000 litres     18 - 22kg/min
BT200-S30           22,0 kW             3.000 - 4.000 litres      20 - 25 kg/min
The stator is connected to the motor with a mounting flange and extension rods as the propeller mounted on the rotating shaft generate circulating flow force for products. Because the rotating shaft seal is located directly on the motor flange,seal contact with the actual product is prevented.

BT200 Video Demo  proven works with mayonnaise products works with yogurt powder to generate yogurt emulsion with 3,800rpm for mixing 1000 liter tank syrup homogenizer works with electrical rope hoist lifting for the motor 5hp and above with mobile trolley stand speed gear box stirrer works with Inline homogenizer for high viscosity products more than 50,000cps

Advantages :

1.Working volumes up to approx. 50 liters (pilot plant) and up to approx. 5‘000 liters (production)
2 powerful drive systems including speed regulation
3 Standard and special shaft lengths available in CIP design
4 Available with mechanical seal systems for pressure and vacuum applications
5 ATEX (EX-Proof) versions can be supplied
6 Dispersing generators for wide range of working volumes and homogenizing performance; also with multiple function available in one equipment.
7 Product wetted parts made from high alloyed stainless steel
8 Clamp, flange or customer specific vessel connection can be supplied to connect the machine to the process vessel

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