WT500-SS2CSR2 Volume : min- 100ml max - 5 liter Order No.:771700
WT500-SS2CSR2  Volume : min- 100ml  max - 5 liter  Order No.:771700  WT500 Dyna-Ken 100ml - 10Liter Lab & Industrial Homogenizer Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia Fabrication Supplier Supply Manufacturer | Success Technic Industries
Dyna-Ken WT500-SS2CSR2  Order No.:771700

Model : WT500-SS2CSR2            
Standard Supply   :    Stator - coarse 20mm , Rotor - standard 20mm , H-Stand , Dismantle tool , Drive Instriument( Depend Voltage ) 
Working Volume   :    min- 100ml  max - 5 liter


Product Description

The WT500 is a simple, easy to handle and has the ability to achieve quality results quickly. He has the speed and power to emulsify, suspend,cut and chop always to deliver accurate results. It has complete flexibility to hold it by hand, mounted to a pole or wall, with mounting plate or type H.The WT500 homogenizer is the ideal solution for dispersing, homogenizing, mixing and grinding biological tissue samples (cells, animal and plant tissues), pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and food products.

WT500 Performance Specification

WT500 Order Information

Our Advantages

Videos Demo


-WT500 homogenize with candle wax into oil emulsion


-WT500 strong suction with stator rotor effect generate high shearing power


-Wt500 homogenizer cutting sugar particles with liquid


-WT500 Installation and Dismantle and maintenance demo for new users


-WT500 with OD10x120mm length shaft set for micro lab or small volume beaker 

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