VT300PW-25 Powder Suction Inline Homogenizer ORDER CODE:7845200
VT300PW-25 Powder Suction Inline Homogenizer ORDER CODE:7845200 VT300 Dyna-Flyers 50 - 10,000Liter Vertical Inline Homogenizer   Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia Fabrication Supplier Supply Manufacturer | Success Technic Industries

VT300PW "DYNA-FLYERS" Series is the inline mixers machine works according to the rotor-stator principle. It is not placed inside but outside the main vessel (can be multiple vessel) and connected to it by a piping system. The liquid in the tank is circulated in a loop, as it would be with a pump.Because of the special geometry of the rotor, the liquid builds up a vacuum inside the dispersing chamber. This vacuum is used to induct powder into the liquid stream directly from any container without dust or losses.
Inside the dispersing chamber, high shear energy is applied to the liquid stream and the surface of the liquid is strongly expanded to accept the powder that is inducted. In the same way, the powder is transported via vacuum (IN FRONT) and reaches the dispersing chamber expanded as well,and the distance between the particles is increased.Both streams (liquid and powder) reach the dispersing chamber in separate streams then come together into the dispersing chamber and are dispersed with a defined shear gradient. This results in an ideal prerequisite for the wetting of the individual particles. This procedure allows the fine distribution of the components at the moment of wetting and in many cases an improvement of the

properties of the product can be achieved compared to conventional powder addition systems

  • MOTOR POWER (KW):18.5
  • SPEED RANGE (RPM):0-3600
  • LIQUID FLOW RATE (L/H):100,000
  • MAX VISCOSITY (CPS):200,000
  • POWER SUPPLY:3 X 380 – 420 V / 50 HZ
  • DIMENSIONS (W X D X H):700X250X400
  • WEIGHT (KGS)150
Main Features 
It is featured by its 3A certified design and a powder handling hooper with an ergonomic working height.
-The machine is connected directly to an existing vessel and can be operated with a low effort. Due to the strong induction vacuum besides the induction from a hopper, an induction tube can be used to induct and disperse directly from a powder container.
Even strongly sticky and thickening powders may be inducted and dispersed fast and clean 
Liquids such as oils may be inducted and emulsified as well out of a barrel
-Due to the simple set-up a trouble-free operation is guaranteed
-The machine may be CIP-cleaned and with the fast clamping system it is easy to open and may be assembled without any problem and tension-less
-3A certified design

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